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Can You Please Help Me?

August 13, 2012

I want to Increase my traffic, A LOT.

Would you please Help me do it? How? I’m glad you asked.

1. If you haven’t done so, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG. There is an email subscription form to the right. If you will put your email address in that box and submit it you are subscribed. The only time you will receive an email is when I submit a new post. If you do the RSS thing that button is at the top. My traffic in increasing every week and that’s great but I need followers. Right now I have 34. My goal is 3400 so please subscribe and recommend that your friends do.

2. If you read something you like share it! There are buttons for practically every social media outlet below every post. You can help by sharing on Facebook which would bring the most results or pin it on Pinterest. PLEASE GO BACK, FIND A POST YOU LIKED AND SHARE IT.

3.  If you read something you like or something that you disagree with or it makes you angry. Post a comment. Post a comment here on this page by clicking on the comment button below. I will allow you post to be seen. I will disapprove comments that are in bad taste.

4. Recommend my site to friends.

5. Anything else that you can think of to help would be appreciated.

Thank You!

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