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How to Stay Married a Long, Long Time. Part 4

August 10, 2012

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If you haven’t done so, I recommend that you go back and read parts 1-3 first.

Again I must make sure that when I say marriage you know what I’m talking about. Marriage is a union between one man and one woman.

#1 In my last installment I told you that #1 was having a Christian marriage and make sure that Jesus Christ is the Lord of your lives.

#2 Grow Up! Felicia and I married very young (seventeen and nineteen) and had to grow up together. However I’ve seen people get married in the fifties and struggle because of immaturity. Here are some bullet points of immature things that will hinder a marriage.

  • If you always have to have your own way.  If you are a selfish person who must have your own way then DON’T GET MARRIED!  If you can’t give into the desires of another person, even if it’s not what you want to do then DON’T GET MARRIED.  If these traits describe you and you are already married then you have only two choices. Live in a bad marriage or grow up. Some say that marriage is 50/50 but that is seldom the case. If you want your marriage to work. If you want to stay married a long, long time then there will be many days when you are going to have to give it all when your spouse is giving nothing.
  • If you think you know it all.  I hate to tell you this but no one knows everything and any person can learn from any other person. If you spouse doesn’t have the opportunity to have an opinion and be heard your marriage is in trouble because of immaturity.
  • Pouting! Can a person be any more immature than when they are pouting? We all have to process hurt feelings and it may take a few minutes or a couple of hours. If however you think your going to get your way by pouting for days…. GROW UP!

Growing up is hard to do but extremely necessary for a successful marriage. Felicia and I had a rough time those first couple of years just trying to become adults together. Now thirty-three years later we are still in the process. Marriage is always a work in process.  “Until death we do part.”

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