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So You Really Believe that Stuff About God Having A Plan For Your Life?

August 9, 2012

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I thought God had a plan for my life? I keep hearing that from preachers and I keep believing it but where is the fruit of it? It’s a question that people have asked me numerous times.

This morning a friend of mine and I were discussing this very topic and I heard myself saying that God’s plan is not a destination, it’s a process. Wow! That’s the truth. Don’t get bent out of shape with God because things are not going your way. God does have a plan and if you have surrendered your life to His plan then right now you are there. You are in the middle of His plan for your life.

To get to point Z you have to start at A and then go through every other step along the way. Do you have a problem with that?

Look at Joseph in the Bible. God gave him a marvelous dream. It was a dream of being a great leader, a dream of superiority. Then the process began. It started with a stay in a pit. Then he was sold to slave dealers. That doesn’t sound like superiority does it?  Did it mean that God had failed?  Joseph must have been complaining the whole time. Then he was sold at auction to the highest bidder and later found himself in jail. It was all part of God’s plan to get Joseph into the palace.

I’ve heard it said many time, “Wherever you are, be there.” It doesn’t mean you have to settle. It means that wherever you are know that God does have a plan and that no situation can derail that plan as long as you are willing and obedient. Remember, God’s plan isn’t a destination, it’s a process.

Are you struggling? Or what have you learned in your life about this process? I’d love to have your input right here at www.jeffscurlock. Click on the comment button below.

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  1. Well said. I think of it as on-the-job training before you get the job.

  2. jeffscurlock permalink

    New in Every Way, thanks for commenting on my post. Please help me by subscribing if you haven’t already done so. Thanks Again!

  3. Felicia permalink

    Good word!

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