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My 2012 Book Reading Log

August 7, 2012

In addition to the Bible which I read daily, many magazine articles, blog post and more these are books that I have read this year, 2012, how I rate them on a 1-10 scale and a link to them at where I buy all my books. They are all rated pretty high. I’m sure that’s because my reading is done on a recommendation basis. I read books that people I respect recommend. This list will be updated from time to time.

1. Killing Lincoln, Bill O’Reilly  (10) 294 pages, Excellent, historical book written in a very entertaining way.

2. The Circle Maker, Mark Batterson (10) 215 pages, again an excellent book. This time on the subject of prayer.

3. Fasting, Jentzen Franklin (7) 230 pages. Good book for getting acquainted with the subject of fasting.

4. The Fasting Edge, Jentzen Franklin (5) 230 pages. It’s ok just more of the same from the first book on fasting.

5. Change, Count on It , Bill McDonald (10) 187 pages. Good book on faith and doing a work for God. I quote this book in my book. No link available but you can find my book The Eye of a Needle.

6. Weird, Craig Groeschel (9) 238 pages.

7. Radical, David Platt (9) 217 pages. Read this book only if you are serious about your relationship with God.

8. Soul Print, Mark Batterson (10) 165 pages. This book helped me a lot. It helps you be ok with being you.

9. Crazy Love, Francis Chan (10) 186 pages. This is another one of those books that you need to read if you are a radical, sold out Christian or want to be.

10. Think, John Piper (4) 184. I really like John Piper but this book was a hard read for me. I had to make myself finish it.

11. Beyond Justice, Joshua Graham (10) 430 pages. I accidentally downloaded this book to the Kindle app on my iPad thinking I was purchasing a John Grisham book. I was well into this book when I realized that it wasn’t a Grisham book but by then the book had me gripped. This is an awesome, legal thriller with Christianity in it. If you like fiction.READ IT!

12. Primal, Mark Batterson (8) 208 pages. I have read all of Mark Batterson’s books and recommend them all. The only reason I gave it an 8 is because I realized that I was give so many 10″s.

13. Wild Goose Chase, Mark Batterson (8) 174 pages. Ditto to the above.

14. The Broker, John Grisham (9) 422 pages. I love to read Grisham books. 

15. Governors of Praise, Joshua Fowler 157 pages. Disclaimer: Joshua Fowler is my cousin so no rating.

16. Not A  Fan,Kyle Idleman (9) 200 pages. Good book on being a follower of Christ.

17. Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson (9) 571 pages. I like biographies and I was very interested in the whole Apple and Steve Jobs thing. It was very detailed and very eye opening.

18. Spirit Rising,Jim Cymbala (9) 191 pages. Good Book.

19. Erasing Hell, Francis Chan (10) 190 pages. Do you believe in a literal hell? Either way you need to read this book.

20.  Platform, Michael Hyatt (10) 227 pages. I have become a huge Michael Hyatt fan. He is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson. This book is how to expand your platform and get noticed in a noisy world.

21. Creating Your Life Plan (ebook), Michael Hyatt (9) 94 pages.

22. Becoming a Coaching Leader, Daniel Harkavy (7) 204 pages. Good book for anyone who is into leadership and life coaching.

23. Crush It, Gary Vaynerchuk, (6) 132 pages. A book on internet marketing recommended by Michael Hyatt.

24. The Complete Guide to Evernote, (5) Not sure about pages now. I love Evernote for staying organized. The book didn’t teach me much that I hadn’t already learned on my own.

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